Why Get a Mortgage Loan From a Broker?

Broker vs Bank…. 


Broker: Offers access to a variety of lenders & loan products. Brokers have significantly more options than traditional banks and can provide a better, more specialized product. 
Banks: Only consider their in-house products.—

Broker: By-law are required to disclose the lowest possible rate and cost to you. They present different available options and allow the borrower to make the final call. 
Banks: There is no way to tell if you are getting the best rate/loan. They don’t even have to disclose what their earnings are. —

Broker: Represents you and your interests rather than a lending institution. They are dedicated to finding borrowers the best program that suits their financial needs. 
Bank: Have a financial interest in themselves and their employer —

Broker: Because they have access to an abundance of lenders and programs, there is a higher chance of being approved. 
Banks: Strict rules and guidelines, therefore, more chance of being denied. Even if you are a good candidate for a loan, the bank can deny your application for trivial reasons.

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