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Many individuals are facing financial problems in their life, especially due to the unexpected pandemic. However, one positive thing that was brought about by this situation is low mortgage interest rates. Many people are turning to mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers to refinance their home to save on their mortgage. The Vieira Mortgage team is the perfect team to lean on and look to for guidance on your mortgage. They take time to understand your needs and financial situation to help you reach your goals. Jason Vieira of Clear Mortgage Capital, a California-based Mortgage Broker, is an experienced loan officer who has helped clients reach financial freedom for 17 years. So why choose Jason as your loan officer? 

  •  Complete knowledge about the industry after 17 strong years in the field, allowing him to find creative solutions to problems that may arise.
  • Quick turn time due to a productive workflow. 
  • Has an intimate team that is familiar with every loan and every client 
  • Offers a one on one experience where you can share your entire story and all your short and long-term goals. This allows him to create a financial mortgage plan for you and offer guidance.  
  • As a mortgage broker, offers competitive rates from an abundance of lenders.

With Jason’s expertise and a reputable mortgage brokerage backing him, clients have a stronger chance of not only getting approved but securing the lowest rates and fastest turn times. When you are ready to take the next steps, the following guide can be a tool. 

How to secure the best rate with your mortgage broker:

Strengthen Your Credit

In preparation for a refinance or home purchase, you must take special care in securing strong credit scores. This is done so by making all of your payments on time and keeping your credit usage low. The rule of thumb is to stay below 30% of usage for credit cards and other similar accounts. If you are over 30% of usage, you can still be approved for a loan, but you will have less favorable pricing. No matter how great of a mortgage broker you are working with, bad credit will hurt your chances of approval and opportunity for low rates. It is highly recommended to check your credit before beginning your process. This allows you to have time to build your credit back up in the event your scores are surprisingly low. This is especially important for time-sensitive transactions such as cash out for a special purpose or a home purchase. However, there are specific ways in which to raise your credit. Our mortgage loan officer Jason Vieira can perform a credit diagnostic and create a credit rescore plan for you. 

Budget Determination

When you are ready to buy a home, you must create a budget that includes not only your mortgage but all the other costs of owning a home. When you already have this information prepared, it allows your mortgage loan officer to hit the ground running with your file. If you need help determining what you can afford, your mortgage loan officer can help you. They are a good resource to use, as they have industry knowledge and work with endless clients in similar financial situations as yourself. The same applies to homeowners looking to refinance. Loan officers can calculate how much you will save through the life of the loan through a refinance and help you determine and meet your financial goals. 

Know Your Mortgage Options

Depending on where you are, your mortgage options can change. Certain areas have different loan limits. In one area, your loan can be considered a high balance. In another, that same loan amount could be a standard conventional loan. If you refinance in Orange County, your bracket will be much different than if you refinance in Stanislaus County. Different brackets offer different rates. Your mortgage loan officer will have this knowledge and can help guide you. Once you know if your loan will be standard conventional, high balance, or Jumbo, you can decide your terms. The most common loan terms are 30 year fixed, however, homeowners are refinancing more than they have historically. Many homeowners are choosing to opt-out of 30 years and are securing ARMs (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage) because they offer lower rates. There is a certain level of uncertainty with ARMs, as your rate will adjust after a certain period. With homeowners refinancing more frequently, that risk goes away knowing you will refinance before your rate will even adjust. This is also a perfect loan option for those who don’t plan on staying in their home for a long period of time. Aside from ARMs and 30 fixed-rate loans, Jason’s mortgage team offers all other traditional terms (10 years, 20 yrs, etc) as well as everything in between (9 yrs, 11 yrs, 13 yrs, etc). This allows you to save money on your mortgage without having to add on years to your terms or have to shorten terms. 

Comparing Your Options 

Previously when securing a mortgage, homeowners/buyers would have to inquire at multiple banks and financial institutions. Now that there are mortgage brokers who have access to multiple lenders, it is much easier for borrowers to secure the best rates with much less hassle. 

Get Pre-Qualified For Mortgage (Purchase)

There can be more at stake when taking out a purchase loan versus refinancing. This is because a purchase is usually more time-sensitive, especially in today’s markets. Competition is at an all-time high and inventory is extremely low. There’s no time to waste when making an offer on a home. It is wise to seek out a mortgage loan officer or mortgage broker beforehand to get pre-qualified. That way there’s no lag between you finding your dream home and making an offer when sellers have the absolute advantage. 

Final Words

There are a few things you can do to secure the very best rate available to you. The first is strong credit scores. Your loan officer or mortgage broker can help you make improvements if needed. It is important to have an understanding of your financial goals and create a budget. This allows you to weigh all your options and determine what loan is best for you. When buying a home, seek out a mortgage professional to help you get pre-qualified. This will give you the very best chance and have a strong offer.

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