VA Loans 101:

There are many benefits to a VA loan. One of the greatest benefits is the option for no-down-payment when making a purchase. Borrowers have the option to finance 100% of the purchase versus traditionally putting down 20%. This is great news for service members and vets, as they don’t have to spend years saving for their down payment. With no or a smaller down payment, borrowers typically have to pay for mortgage insurance due to the loan being high risk. VA Loans do not require mortgage insurance on top of not requiring a down payment. Fees and costs are limited by the VA, saving borrowers even more money. Additionally, VA loans have more forgiving credit requirements and income requirements are lenient. There are many different VA loan programs. The perfect fit is out there depending on one’s needs and goals. It’s also easier to qualify for a VA Loan than a traditional loan with fewer hoops to jump through. You served us, now let us serve you! Contact our team and we can get started. 




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